Jared Lee

Co-Founder|Head of Operations| Level 2 Productions 

Jared Lee is a professional video producer, who has been a Co-Founder and key member of Level 2 Productions since it’s beginning in 2012. In the company, Jared diligently communicates with clients to ensure a smooth and effective experience.

Some favorite clients include Facebook, Nike, and the City of Menlo Park. His career path began the day he could legally obtain a worker’s permit at 15 years old. Jobs include Marketing, Video internships, teaching, sales, construction, catering, retail, and more. Jared honed in his passion for videography as he chose SFSU as his college of choice. He liked the proximity to the Bay Area, which he chose as the place he wants to start a business. A couple close relatives also told him that the video programs at S.F. State were really good. He graduated with a degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts.

Extra-curricular involvement included starting a chapter of a business fraternity, hip-hop dancing, and also creating Level 2 Productions. The degree program was a nice blend of video production and his favorite school subject: English. Jared always loved the English language, and one of his favorite achievements was scoring in the 95th percentile for the English portion of the SAT’s at his school. This passion transfers over to his current position because his main function is communicating with clients. He would say that Level 2 Productions provides extraordinary customer service. Jared’s love for writing allows him to effectively understand clients’ needs. He’s not only able to communicate the production process to a client, but he’s also mindful of how the deliverable will speak to the audience. If you have any ideas for a video, please reach out. The Level 2 team would love the opportunity to work with you!