Customer Testimonial Videos in the San Francisco Bay Area

Email and social media marketing have trained consumers to be resistant to unsolicited outreach. One outcome of this is that we see increased value in earning reviews for your company. Reviews are a form of testimonials, and testimonials build credibility.

Customer Testimonial Videos are a Key Ingredient in any Successful Marketing Campaign

Testimonials in video form are more effective than written reviews because the viewers actually see the people who are praising your company and feel like they build a connection with them. Real people will be promoting your credibility. Earning this high credibility is very important, and Level 2 Productions’ Testimonial Video Production service can help your company capture compelling testimonials that ultimately drive sales.

Your Customers do all the Work

The first step in our Testimonial Video Production Services will be identifying customers that are willing to share their experiences of working with your company. We will help you schedule these customers to arrive at a location where we have all of our equipment set up. We aim to create a fun and relaxing environment that calms their nerves, while also energizing them to give an exciting customer testimonial. The good things that they say next will be the valuable content that will contribute to that brand credibility we strive for.

Customer Testimonial Videos are Packed with Good Content

It’s likely that you won’t get tired of hearing customers genuinely promote your brand. Every testimonial video will have a lot of great content, and every person will touch on different aspects of their experiences. You can create segments and other pieces of content from long testimonials based on a variety of topics covered. We have a sample here of a well-spoken individual who covers a handful of unique topics, all of which can be segmented, highlighted, and posted on different days. You’ll have enough content to provide additional posts and uses.

Get Your Customer Testimonial Video Production Started Today!

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