Standard Video Production Sequence

Creating a corporate video from start to finish is a time consuming task that requires organization and attention to detail. We are breaking it down here so that it will be easier to plan out. A good video production company will be able to help out or handle any of these steps.

Define Your Objectives

What impact do you want the videos to have? Understand what goals/requirements the video needs to meet. What audience do you want to reach?

Create a Video Strategy

How will you create the content? In house or externally? Decide on your deliverables and figure out how each will be used to reach your audience. Make sure you have an agreement with the production company.

For example, talk about how many editing revisions are included in the costs. Research and confirm that your project will be completed within your budget and deadline.

Write a Script

Everyone in charge of letting this video represent your company should revise the script. Check the language with company restrictions and requirements.

The script is an outline of the entire video and can include details about locations, actors, actions, etc. Everything that makes it into the script will likely make it to the final video.

Create a Storyboard

The storyboard is an option to help visualize specific shots. You can portray visual elements like lighting, framing, actor placement, etc. The storyboard will show every shot of the video in detail, so it can be followed closely during filming.

Plan and Schedule the Video Shoot

Make sure your locations will be booked or available, and that you have all licenses and permissions to film. Hire and brief actors. Choose a day and time for everyone. Keep weather and holidays in mind.

A call sheet can be used to organize the scheduling of a shoot day.


All of the steps leading up to filming will give the video production crew enough information to handle the shoot without you even being there. The crew can follow the script/storyboard and use their skills to film well.


The footage should be skillfully edited by a professional who can edit according to the script/storyboard. The editor should be mindful of the overall objectives for the video. When requesting revisions, try to be as clear and detailed as possible.

It is helpful to compile all edits into one email, rather than sending the editor multiple emails of requests.

Host and Distribute Your Video

Decide on a platform to host the content. Options include: Paid platforms that offer analytics and optimization; Free channels like YouTube; Self-hosting on your own server.

Distribute your video according to your video strategy.

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