Real Estate Video Guide

you shoot, we edit

We get it, sometimes you want to just record it yourself, and that’s alright! Send us your footage and we’ll do all the editing for you — graphics, transitions, color correcting, and music — everything you need to create your digital marketing material.

Pro Tip: Watch the clips while pretending to be your audience. Was it smooth enough? Was it slow enough? Did it capture the entire space? 


Tech Tip: While holding the phone with both hands, use your elbows to brace against your body for support. Rotate at the waist instead of taking steps while rotating. Breathe out slowly through the duration of the movement. 
Step 1 - Prepare Camera

  1. Tap the settings icon
  2. Scroll down to “Camera”
  3. Tap “Record Video”
  4. Choose the setting: 1080p or 4K at 60fps
  5. Open your camera app, and make sure that you are using the video option, not photo or Slo-mo

 1. Tap Camera App
 2. Select Video
 3. Open Settings (Click Gear icon)
 4. Scroll down to Video Settings and select 16:9  1920×1080 or 2560×1440.

Digital Cameras:
 1. Change aspect ratio to 16:9
2. Adjust resolution to 1920×1080
3. FPS (frames per second) change to 29.97, 30, or 60.

Step 2 - Record

Filming the Property

  • Position the camera at chest-level to avoid filming the room at a downward angle. This allows the edges of the walls to look even, and not bent or curved. 
  • Film the front of the house. Pans* + tilts*, centered with the front door and front of the house.
  • Record pans* and tilts* twice for recorded position. Use a stationary position from the doorway facing into the room, then from the opposite corner facing towards the doorway. 

*Pan: To look left and/or right.
*Tilt: To look up and/or down.

Recording Your Intro

  • Try to put the phone on a tripod, or prop it up against something.
  • Orientation: Record horizontally only.
  • Lighting:  Make sure that you stand facing the light. The light should not be brighter behind you.
  • Ambient audio: Make sure that there are no ambient noises like cars, machinery, or airplanes in the background
  • Framing: Position yourself in the center of the shot, with an interesting or impressive background behind you that highlights the house

Presentation Tips

  • Look at the actual camera lens, not the center of the phone
  • Be as up-beat and welcoming as possible.
  • Give yourself 3 seconds of silence while staring at the camera when starting and ending your sentences so the editor has space to cut.
  • Do multiple tries until you feel comfortable. It is normal to retry each sentence 10 times, professional actors do every sentence at least 15 times.



Step 3 - Send

Once you are done filming, we will be ready to receive the videos. Here are the instructions for sending the files over. 

Send by iPhones/Mac:

AirDrop Technique:

  1. Open camera roll to view videos
  2. Select videos one at a time or all at once using “select” in the top right corner
  3. Tap the share icon in the bottom left corner
  4. Put your phone next to your computer and select the AirDrop option and choose your computer
  5. Receive the videos on your computer and save them to your computer
  6. Upload the videos to Google Drive or DropBox and send us a link to download

Send by Android:

  1. Open Gallery App
  2. Open Camera Folder
  3. Long hold and select the video clips
  4. Select Share Icon
  5. Select Google Drive or Dropbox and create a designated folder with viewing capabilities enabled.
  6. Once videos are uploaded, send the link to us to download.

Send by Windows:

  1. Copy all video files into a folder on your Desktop.
  2. Open up your Internet Browser
  3. Go to or and create a folder.
  4. Drag and drop all files into that folder or right click and select “Upload Files” and select all video files.
  5. Once all uploaded, right click on the folder name and select “Share” to send to


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