Bay Area Video Production Services

Testimonials & Interviews

Testimonials are like referrals for your product or service. Instead of just text that could have been written by anyone, testimonial videos serve as credible proof of satisfaction. Our Bay Area video production services can help your organization create engaging video testamonials that showcase the spirit of your product or service.

Social Media Ads & Commercials 

When customers understand your company’s vision and values, your message becomes contagious, resulting in desired sales. We offer commercial production services as one of our Bay Area video production services. Capture the essence of your product or service and put your best foot forward with an artfully created commercial from Level 2 Productions. Our team is ready to help you capture your vision and enage your audience. 

Event Highlights

A fast-paced edit showcasing the best moments from your event. This video production service features valuable quotes from speakers and exciting interactions among guests,  which makes this is a long-lasting marketable asset.

Video Courses

Our video presentation services create a customizable presentation layout that is catered to your brand and features your speaker’s live demo or PowerPoint presentation alongside a video of the speaker. This service provides you with a valuable asset of the full presentation that both your speaker and attendees can appreciate, and that you can trust is a professional representation of your brand.