If you have encountered a new task that requires hiring a videographer, then we have some great tips for you.

1. Crew Size

Once you understand your video need, you should be able to gauge if you will need to hire a single videographer, or a whole crew. If you only need one person, then perhaps you can explore freelance options. Freelance videographers often are less pricey than hiring from a production house, but you have to keep in mind the gamble on quality for choosing the freelance option. Freelancers usually handle all roles of production by themselves, which can spready their quality of work amongst all the roles. A production crew will have people specialized in each role, but it comes at a higher price to pay each professional.

 2. Specializations

Every production company and individual have a specific specialty that they excel in. Try to find creatives that have a specialty that matches your specific project. If you need to film a corporate event, then find corporate videographers. If you need a wedding filmed, then search for wedding videographers. If you notice a company that claims to do generally any kind of videos, then you can probably expect generic work quality. A good company knows their niche and expertise. You should be able to tell what their specialty is by looking at their work.

 3. Shop Around

Search for a handful of video production companies that seem like they can handle your project. Read their reviews, visit their site, and ask for a quote. You can gauge a few things from this. You will see how fast they communicate, if they communicate well, if what they say matches the visual info they provide, and you’ll get an idea of the costs involved. This is an important step to really hone in to your top picks.

 4. Choosing the Top Pick

The decision will be based on the three competing priorities for video production.

– Justified Price

– High Quality

– Quick Turnaround

You are able to choose two of these, based on your budget and timeline.

Choose the company that best fits your specific needs. Make sure that you like how they communicate as well, and that you know all information upfront so that there are no surprise charges.

If you would like some help in your search, our team at Level 2 Productions, LLC can help out.

We encourage you to compare us to other companies, and we’ll show you our reviews so that you can give them a read. We have members ready to answer any questions as they come up. We are here as a resource for any of your digital media needs or questions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out: jared@level2p.com



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