When marketing a brand, it is advantageous to optimize your time so that you can focus on campaigns that perform the best. One very common question is if still image ads perform as well as video ads. They are undoubtedly quicker to create, so there is potential to save time if they do perform well. You can create an image ad in minutes, while video ads require pre-planning, shooting, and editing. Because of this, a majority of Facebook advertisers choose to post image ads. It is understandable to save time, but do they work as well as a video ad?

Videos Allow You To Disperse Much More Information than Still Image Ads

A video ad offers one key advantage over image ads. You are able to convey a lot more information in the ad, quickly, and in a visually interesting way to be easily absorbed. If you run an image ad with a lot of text copy to give the same information, you risk losing the audience. A video may contain a value proposition, company history, testimonials, price explanation, and instructions for signing up or purchasing. Someone scrolling by on social media will likely skip all of that if it’s just text under an image.

Video Ads Get More Engagement

Let’s visualize that same person scrolling on Facebook. There is a lot of competition for their attention, and the movement of video gives you an edge to grab their attention. If someone skips over your image ad, then all of that effort put into the ad copy would be wasted. When someone stops to spend time watching your ad, you’ll be receiving the benefits of brand awareness, post engagement like sharing, and ultimately an addition to your sales funnel.

Video Ads Build Trust

Building trust is not easy. However, building trust is necessary if you want people to buy from you. Successful brands use their campaigns to educate their audience and to make them feel like they are a part of the team. Videos are very good for this because you can build authentic connections by covering varied topics in depth.

Get Ahead Now

People are consuming an increasing amount of video as time moves forward. By utilizing video now, you will be gaining distance from your competition. Videos take longer to create and deploy, which is why many of your competitors are skipping video and favoring images as a shortcut. Image ads still have a purpose, and can coexist with video to generate leads. Your professional decision-making will ultimately kick in to strategize the best form of media for every specific goal.

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